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Please find below, a handful of Testimonials from Detoku clients:

“Oh my gosh - thank you so much. I will highly recommend you. I don't know if you're aware that, at least in my area, people and doctors aren't familiar with foot patches. I'm so glad I found them. They're very beneficial and I will share my experience with others. Thank you again. I'll be re-ordering soon.” – Jeanne B. Manchester.

“Suffering from cancer is a terrible and unpleasant thing to go through but thanks to your wonderful detox patches, I have been able to sleep through the night for the first time since, well I can’t remember when! I feel happier and better in myself and far more positive. Thank you so much,” – S M London.

“Fantastic! This is what I have needed for a long time… After just 5 days I feel revitalized, sleep so much better, feel fresh and alive in the mornings… Thank you Detoku!” – K R Bromley.

“I don’t usually write letters but I felt I had to let you know that since using the Detoku, my stress levels seem to have dropped dramatically. Working to strict deadlines within a highly competitive industry can take its toll but thanks to your fabulous patches, I have a new lease of life.”
A S Birmingham

“Before using Detoku foot patches, I was feeling old, sluggish and generally unwell. I had been to my GP, and was told I was just “run down” and told to take it easy. I have been using the Detoku patches for 2 weeks and I feel just GREAT! Many thanks.” – Peter T Bolton.

“I am only too pleased to recommend Detoku detox foot patches to all of my clients. I was a convert after using just one box… Best wishes.” Heather B – Reflexologist.

“I have been retailing the Detoku detox foot patches in my salons for 3 months now and the positive feedback we receive from our clients is amazing. The re-order rate is around 90% and is now our top selling retail product. Thank you for your excellent service and a top product. We look forward to a long business relationship.” – S J Health & Beauty London/Paris.

“Thank you for your great service. This is a repeat order so I know from experience how effective these patches are. Best regards.” – Michael D – Aberdeen.

“I would like to congratulate Detoku on the quality of their detox patches. I have tried other brands and none have been as good and effective as yours. I am 64 years young and suffer from aching joints and broken sleep. Since using the Detoku patches I feel 20 years younger and sleep all-night. Thank you for all your help and advice.” – Joan C Belfast.

“Thank you so much for the Detoku. This is my 3rd order. I find that that using your patches and a healthy diet are a fantastic recipe for cellulite and weight loss.” – Trish B.

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